Lambda Car Club, Michiana Dunes Region

Michiana’s LGBT collector car club.

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About Us

Lambda Car Club International was founded in 1981 as the Gay Old Car Owners Society. Now, with 33 regional chapters in the United States, plus a chapter in Canada, Lambda Car Club has over 2,000 members. A Grand International Meet is hosted each year at one of the regional chapters. And many of the Regions host invitational meets like our "There's Something About Saugatuck."

The Michiana Dunes Region chapter of the Lambda Car Club was started in 1996, and now has approximately 125 members from throughout West Michigan, Northwest Indiana, and some from Ohio and Illinois. The basic premise of the group is that we share a love and fascination for all things automotive. Plus, we enjoy a great sense of fun! In addition to monthly meetings, which always include food and fun, local members participate in several other events throughout the year. Our invitational meet is held each September, called "There's Something About Saugatuck." We welcome the involvement of all GLBT persons in the Michiana Dunes Region of the Lambda Car Club International.

Club members enjoy monthly club events and meetings from February through October each year, and sometimes even in December. Since Michiana Dunes Region is situated in the Midwest Snow Belt, of course it all depends on how much snow covers the roadways, but warm, sunny weather particularly brings out the wonderful cars. Each May, we have the Spring Dust-Off Tour, and in October, the Fall Color Tour, when we caravan throughout beautifully landscaped West Michigan, enjoying the fresh Lake Michigan air, mixed with the delightful exhaust fumes from the pretty car in front of us. It makes a grand sight for onlookers along the route through countryside, small towns and the appropriate resting points where good car pictures are taken.


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2019 Events

Evites will be sent to all current members with full details.

  • Feb 2 - Saugatuck - Annual Winter Dinner at Clearbrook Country Club. Jerry and Gary hosts.
  • Mar 17 – Portage – tour Air Zoo, and lunch. Tony and Bobby hosts.
  • Apr 13 – Grand Rapids – John and Tim’s Heritage Hill house tour, and lunch.
  • May 11 – Coopersville – Spring Dust Off drive to Coopersville Farm Museum, and lunch. Lou, cruise leader.
  • June 2 - Hickory Corners – Classic Car Club of America Museum – “The Experience” at Gilmore Museum, and lunch. Tony and Bobby hosts.
  • July 20 - Southwest Michigan, Northwest Indiana – “A Day in the Country,” joint venture with Lake Michigan Region.
  • Jul 27-28 – Plymouth – Rolls-Royce Meet and Concours d’Elegance of America (overnight). Jon and Richard hosts.
  • Aug 17-18 – Greenville – (overnight experience), at Six Lakes. Gary and Mel hosts.
  • Aug 31-Sep 1 – Marysville/Port Huron – Wills Sainte Claire Auto Museum, overnight joint venture with Detroit Region.
  • Sept 13-15 - “There’s Something About Saugatuck” Invitational Meet
  • Oct 4-6 – Traverse City/Leelanau County – Driving tour and garage tour at Chet and Kyle’s. Eric and Todd hosts.

How to Join

Dues are a total of $52.00 per year when paid online (including national and regional dues). An associate membership is available for an additional $5 per year, for a spouse, partner, roommate, friend, or pet.

To join us, you join the Lambda Car Club International organization, and then you will be presented with a list of regions with whom you may affiliate yourself. Once your're there, select Michiana Dunes and then you'll be in!